Propane Truck


Safety First!

Know the smell of propane. If you smell gas...
  • DO - Get everyone out of the home.
  • DO - Attempt to shut off valve at tank.
  • DO - Call your propane supplier from outside of the house.
  • DO - Call 911 for emergency services, if needed.
  • DO NOT - Use  a telephone inside of the home or near the tank.
  • DO NOT - Turn any lights off or on inside of the home.
  • DO NOT - Light any matches or lighters inside or near the home.
  • DO NOT - Attempt to light the pilot light.
  • DO NOT - Attempt to locate the leak.

Propane Safety Information

Propane Education and Research Council and the propane industry together developed this suite of 16 electronic modules on consumer propane safety. To view the modules, please visit the Propane Education and Research Council website.

Delivery Policy

LP Duty to Warn (PDF 1.71MB)
Minimum Delivery - 100 gallons
Note: Orders under 200 gallons will be charged an additional .30¢ per gallon.

After Hours/Weekend Delivery - $75.00 hour plus cost of propane
Out-of-Gas Calls/Leak Check - $75.00

Propane Rentals

250 gallon - $60.00/year
500 gallon - $120.00/year
1000 gallon - $150.00/year
Call for prices to purchase tanks.

Propane Services

Installation of propane tanks; regulator changes - $75.00/hour